Carry Commons

are prints that carry lessons from photographs. Carry Commons carry social possibilities practiced in SWANA photo histories. Carry Commons carry these lessons as we carry onward imagining against empire.

Each order includes 1 transparent print of 1 photogrpah, nested within a zine that shares the photograph’s history alongside prompts for engagement.

Distribution of Funds
At this time, 100% of funds are going to Gaza Mutual Aid Collective

To Note
  • paper cameras press is operated by 1 person. We make select batches at a time to reduce waste, and we ask for patience for order delivery.
  • Given the constant change in crisis symptomatic of imperial brutality, fund recipients may change over time. 
  • We are always learning, unlearning, in study. As we live with the words we have now, we will continue to find those words we need. Any language and calls-to-action published with each print may change over time.

This is the first print in the series. It emerges from the documentary We are the Palestinian People: Revolution Until Victory, newsreel, 1975. Here, we see a Palestinian person refusing the shutter’s transformation, when faced with a camera. Anglophonic subtitles translate their words to: “I don’t want you to take my picture here—wait until I return to my land—then you can take my picture.” We circulate this still in order to circulate the call-to-action embedded in the photograph’s makeup.